3D Scanner Aided Modeling

In production processing, for those products which cannot be modeled using precise mathematical models, scanning reverse engineering is a good solution. For this reason, Beijing Jingdiao Group offers a 3D scanning system consists of scanner, Jingdiao software and Jingdiao CNC Machine Tool. This system solves not only difficult modeling problem but can process products or modeling quickly.

Brief Introduction for Jingdiao Scanning System
Brief Introduction for Jingdiao Scanning System

The supplementary scanner of system is 3D laser scanner with 3000 points/sec scanning speed, high scanning precision, errors smaller than 0.003mm and no scanning dead angle at straight sidewalls, which makes it perfect for relief scanning with large format and abundant surface details.

Characteristic of Jingdiao Scanning System
Characteristic of Jingdiao Scanning System

Through analyzing cloud data of scanning points characteristic, combining the application needs in carving industry, we conducted supplementary software development work and realized seamless connection with cloud data of scanning points in JDsoft ArtForm. The cloud data of scanning points can be read directly in software and can be treated through smoothing, de-noising, sampling and other treatment in order to generate machining tool path. Jingdiao scanning system has the following four characteristics:

Relief Scan

While scanning reliefs with large format and abundant surface details through Jingdiao scanning system, its characteristic is reflected in the following two aspects:

The scanning head has a higher scanning precision with a 16 focal length camera lens, the step grinding on XY direction can as small as 0.008mm which can guarantee a sharp edge; straight sidewalls under 85 degrees can be accessed correctly in order to guarantee accurate data;

JDSoft ArtForm can directly read the cloud data of scanning points and reconstruct them into rectangular grids without any accuracy loss. Jingdiao software with 64 bit can process large relief model with vertices up to 100 million and provide many edit functions such as levelling, shape preserving, de-noising etc.

Layered Scan

When sample pieces with fine surface details need to be fine mix scanning, lens group with smaller focal length is usually selected. However, when the model height is greater than the effective scanning depth of lens, only one-layer effective scanning data can be obtained in one scan, at which time layered scan can be used to obtain the complete data of sample pieces after which the related functions in Jingdiao software can be used to restore a complete model, that means through using skills and software functions, the applications of scanning head with high precision are expanded.

Shaft Scan

When sample pieces are rotators, they can be scanned after fixed to rotating shaft of Jingdiao Machine Tool. That means simplifying multi-surface scanning of 3D objects into relief scan after which JDSoft ArtForm related functions can be used in order to restore rotating shaft scan data into 3D objects. There is no data splicing during the whole process and no accuracy loss during splicing.

3D Objects Scan

For the common 3D objects, multi-surface scanning is usually firstly used after which cloud processing, triangulation facets, splicing, grid editing, mesh model parting and other works are conducted in JDSoft ArtForm that means completing integral reverse engineering in software.

There are more than 10 customers who have chosen Jingdiao 3D scanning system and apply it into production activities successfully, these customers are mainly in woodcarving, tooth, badge, ceramic tile, jade carving, crafts, hardware, Buddha, striae and other industry. Welcome customers who have 3D scanning modeling needs to Beijing Jingdiao Group for free scan modeling proofing.