Thread Milling Machining

Relying on deep understanding of machinery manufacturing industry, with the support of professional CAD/CAM software JDSoft SurfMill8.0 and a large number of experiments, the thread milling process of Jingdiao high speed machining center has become more professional. At present, Jingdiao high speed machining centers are applied to drill and mill thread on workpieces made of aluminum, stainless steel and other materials.

JDSoft SurfMill8.0 Provides Powerful Programing Module for Thread Milling Machining
Path Function

Through setting up thread pitch, nominal diameter, bottom outlet diameter and other basic parameters, choosing processing methods, depth range, layered processing methods, advancing& retreating ways and cutting tools, software can automatically generate reasonable and efficient path.

Side allowance settings, layered machining, radius wear compensation and some other specific features can guarantee thread ‘s machining accuracy;

The “average cutting rate” layered method means generating layered path through equal cutting rate method. The processing effect is better due to the machining depth becoming smaller and smaller;

The “sideway feed” option in layered method is mainly used in machining hard materials. It can fully reduce radial force during processing, avoid vibration and improve cutting tool’s life;

During milling thread, tool recession could lead the processing not in position at one time and need for multiple processing. The software can achieve multiple processing especially when machining hard materials;

Axially split function is specially offered for comb thread milling cutter with obstacle air and makes great improvement in processing efficiency.

Cone Thread Machining

Standard cone tapers are provided to choose. User-defined tapers are also supported.

Machining With Multi-tooth Thread Cutter

In addition to conventional thread milling cutters, the software supports the path generation of multi-tooth and multi-pitch thread cutters to meet different machining needs.

Milling Thread with Jingdiao high speed machining center Has Many Advantages Compared with Traditional Threading Method
Good Machined Surface Quality

Surface quality obtained by high-speed milling is better compared with threading extrusion forming way.

Higher Dimensional Accuracy

Program interpolation can be easily adjusted which makes dimensional accuracy of thread much higher and have absolute advantage in processing accurate thread. One customer uses Jingdiao high speed machining center to process thread at 4H degree with S136 quenching material of HRC52 hardness, the thread type is M5×0.35. The result is that the products are in full compliance and the accuracy of inner diameter, outer diameter, addendum width and some other main parameters all reached μ level.

Good Stability, Safe and Dependable

If tap is broken in workpieces during threading, electric pulse needs to be used to destroy tap during which the tap is very likely not to be removed and lead to workpiece scrapped. But the dealing process is very simple if thread milling cutter is broken during thread milling, so that the probability of workpiece scrapped in this way drops to zero.

Higher Processing Efficiency

Jingdiao high speed machining center has distinct advantages on milling large diameter thread (larger than M25), small diameter thread (smaller than M2), blind-hole thread, deep thread and other aspects. In the common M3~M10 thread processing, with Beijing Jingdiao professional cutting tool, a higher efficiency can be achieved: the processing time is 7 sec using single-tooth cutting tool to process a M6×1×12 hole in aluminum finish, while using Vargas multi-tooth cutting tool it can be finished in 5 sec, this efficiency exceeds tapping.

Lower Processing Cost

Using processing M3×0.5×8 thread in aluminum finish as an example, using Jingdiao high speed machining center to thread milling, the cost of cutting tools is 200 yuan and can process about 3000 holes, each hole costs 0.06 yuan; while processing by YAMAHA taps, the cost of taps is 100 yuan and can process about 1200 holes, each hole costs 0.08 yuan! On the other side, a thread milling cutter can process a variety of specifications of thread within a certain range which reduces the cost of cutting tool to a certain extent.

Good at Machining Difficult-to-cut Materials

For those materials that are difficult to thread, such as stainless steel, titanium etc., milling machining of Jingdiao high speed machining center could achieve more easily and its processing efficiency and effect are both better than threading method. Thread milling is actually an internationally accepted solution for machining thread, in recent years, with the rapid development of related technology, there have been more and more enterprises who accept this kind of processing method. Jingdiao high speed machining center has already obtained this processing ability, we also offer complete set of processing technology and continuous technical support.