Application on Precision Mold & Die and Electrodes Industry

Based on the years of CNC machining technology accumulation, Beijing Jingdiao Group provides a complete process solution for the precision molds & die and electrodes industry, and provides comprehensive and efficient support for the manufacture of molds & die and electrodes to help molds & die manufacturing enterprise increase benefit.

High accuracy and high
stability of CNC equipment

Powerful CNC system

Efficient and easy-to-use CAD/CAM software

Excellent precision machining capability

Stable and efficient production process

Improve machining quality

Short the manufacturing cycle

Reduce production cost

Improve economic benefit
Application Advantages
Reasonable process planning Customized complete and reliable process program

Beijing Jingdiao according to the actual needs of customers to plan and validate process reasonably, which ensured that the complete and reliable process program was delivered to customers. Through a large number of validation to optimize each cutting parameters related to the machining , and strictly controlled machining allowance for each link, Beijing Jingdiao ensured the customized machining process is most optimized, and reduce the effect of the quality of mold & die, manufacturing cycle, production cost due to processor’s level, therefore improve the controllability of the production process.

High Performance CNC equipment effectively improve the machining effect of mold & die

Jingdiao CNC equipment has a significant advantage in precision mold & die machining, and provides guarantee for the machining effect. Through strict control of machine assembly accuracy index, and using advanced vibration-resistance technology of machine, spindle and screw fine control technology, increase the grating ruler to constitute the full closed loop system and other means, and ensure that Jingdiao high speed machining center achieve the high accuracy and high stability requirement, which makes the machining process more stable and efficient also greatly improve the machining accuracy.

Powerful CNC system Improve machining efficiency and safety

Beijing Jingdiao has the CNC system with strong project management capability, provides powerful support for precision mold & die machining. Whether the JD 45 system of which the basic application based on the special machining needs of mold & die customer, or accord with the industry of mainstream standard open JD 50 CNC system are able to meet the needs of different customers.

The system specific impulsive control mode of Jingdiao and high control resolution of machine, makes the machining effect of mold & die surface much better. Perfect handwheel trial cut, powerful cutting tool management and privilege management and other functions, reduce the probability of human errors in the mold & die machining and improve the automation and safety of mold & die machining process.

Efficient and easy-to-use CAD/CAM software Provide optimized programming strategies

Beijing Jingdiao independently developed JDSoft SurfMill 8.0 software has the complete programming solution for mold & die and electrodes machining, including model input, model repair, programming, simulation and other programming strategies, effectively improve programming efficiency and reduce programming difficulty. Meanwhile, JDSoft SurfMill 8.0 also provides variety of characteristic functions and optimization strategies for precision machining, effectively guarantee the high speed and stable machining and improve the surface quality and machining accuracy of precision mold & die.

Comprehensive technical support system Relieve customer worries

Beijing Jingdiao has invested a lot of resources all over the country and devoted to perfect the machining process of Jingdao high speed machining center on mold & die and electrodes. Beijing Jingdiao provides reliable machining process for customers, thus reduce the cost of test and minimize the risk of machining for customers.