Reverse L Structure

Double Z-axis Structure

Screw Cooling

Φ130 high-speed Synchronous Spindle

Double Circular Plate Tool Magazine with 24 Tool Positions

  • Widely used in 3C products, hardware, automotive parts and other processing fields,especially for 3C industry that has requirements on high precision and high surface effects.

  • Single column and cross sliding table structure is applied on the machine. The column adopts reversed "L" structure patented by Beijing Jingdiao which has strong resistance to cutting vibration.

  • Double Z-axis structure enables double-position processing at the same time and leads to a 85% increased processing efficiency.

  • Three axis screws all adopt coolant technology which can reduce the temperature influence on motion accuracy of machine.

  • Beijing Jingdiao Φ130 high-speed synchronous spindle is adopted which can realize high-speed rigid tapping function.

  • Equipped with double circular plate tool magazine whose capacity is 24 and tool changing time is 1.2s.

  • Dual-position rotary table can be selected which can help realize multi-faceted-position processing with one-time clamping.