JDSoft ArtForm3.0 Introduction
JDSoft ArtForm3.0 Introduction

JDSoft ArtForm 3.0 is a professional CAD/CAM software facing relief industry and it is based on the latest JDSoft SurfMill 7.0. Its main characteristics are relief and cylinder engraving model design and edit. It has superior graphic design module, geometric surface modeling module, reverse-scan modeling module, mesh model parting module and 2.5-axis to 5-axis machining module. The software has all the functions of virtual sculpture module in JDPaint 5.50. There are many breakthroughs and updates for key technology facing relief industry. Customers can customize the format of file encryption and NC paths output according to their needs. The design target of JDSoft ArtForm 3.0 is to build, modify and decorate 3D, artistic or polygon objects conveniently.

JDSoft ArtForm3.0
Make the Model Design Process a Rival Sculptor Craftsmanship
Big data model processing is easier and smoother.
  1. Supporting 64-bit system, larger physical memory and faster reaction speed.
  2. Big relief data can be designed and compiled completely.
  3. When rotating, moving and scaling big data mesh, the display speed is substantially increased.
  4. New option “merging multi-layer scanning data” makes scanning data processing more convenient.
Characteristic functions make operation more convenient and efficient.
  1. Abundant sculpture tools help users design beautiful digital models quickly.
  2. Flexible function “brush customization” makes design works more delicate.
  3. New function ”clone stamp” can select features quickly, copy pieces of texture and make them naturally cohesion.
  4. New function ”mass auspicious cloud” can greatly improve the efficiency of making auspicious cloud model.
Mesh surface modeling function achieves higher precision.
  1. Abundant and easy-use 3D mesh modeling functions make modeling all kinds of works flexibly.
  2. Building models with compact triangular and quadrilateral mesh can retain details better.
  3. Mesh model can be directly parted to avoid losing details when mesh model is converted to geometric surfaces.
Display virtual sculpture process realistically and interestingly.
  1. In rendering environment, models can be dynamically built and modified in real time, which means what you see is what you get.
  2. Flexible manual function provides free space for building artistic model.
  3. In virtual sculpture environment, complicated artistic models can be built while traditional CAD software can't.
Overall file encryption measures guarantee safety.
  1. File encryption method based on USB KEY can avoid files being opened by other companies.
  2. Transferring files inside the company won’t be influenced and the files are easy to manage.
  3. File save format can be customized. Once saved, the file can only be opened when authorized USB KEY and customized software are used together.
Product Digital Production Process
Graphic design functions of JDSoft ArtForm are mainly in four functional areas including curve drawing, curve editing, curve transformation and artistic drawing. Building precise and well-formed graphic design patterns for 2D artwork is conductive to establish following 3D model and relief.
3D Modeling
Massive 3D geometric models can be dynamically built, modified and decorated in real time on digital 3D model using stacking, removing, polishing and some other functions to achieve users’ design purpose.
Tool Paths
The system can automatically choose appropriate tools according to the machining method and areas. Specific processing paths can be calculated according to the set parameters, while the path security can be guaranteed through setting path parameters.
Using Jingdiao CNC Machine Tool to process digital model into real object can effectively reduce manual work.
The digital model is reusable and suitable for mass production which can improve production efficiency effectively.
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