JDSoft SurfMill 8.0 Introduction
JDSoft SurfMill 8.0 Introduction

JDSoft SurfMill is core software product of Beijing Jingdiao Group. It is known as the leader of domestic CAD/CAM software in precision machining field. The new version of software breaks through a number of technical problems including surface relief and same-amount cutting, which increases Jingdiao high speed machining center’s processing ability and adaptability in different processing areas. Through combining characteristics and development trends of multiple industries, JDSoft SurfMill 8.0 provides comprehensive advanced functions and programming scheme for precision machining field. It extends the processing scope of CNC system, improves the processing quality and efficiency and provides protection for safety and stability of product processing.

JDSoft SurfMill 8.0
Customize Integrated Solutions for Industry
Easy Operation
Intuitive and friendly GUI is in line with Windows system and operating practices of popular CAD/CAM software. Both beginners and experienced users can get started rapidly.
Comprehensive Functions
Perfect surface modeling and editing functions can meet the design needs of mold & die, gear, jewelry and auxiliary surface with high efficiency. It supports 2-axis to 5-axis machining, path analysis and path simulation. It has obvious advantages in precision machining field and 5-axis machining field.
Safe Paths
JDSoft SurfMill 8.0 has advanced algorithm. While calculating path, it is able to do overcut detection, report detailed overcut amount and the overcut path. Through detecting interference, interference path and overcut path can be automatically deleted to ensure path security.
Open NC
JDSoft SurfMill 8.0 provides post-processing customizing platform. Machining path generated in the software can be converted into machining path documents of different NC systems which makes the software can be widely used on different machining platform.
Customize for Industry
Customized professional and efficient programming solutions can be provided according to years of processing experiences and processing characteristics of various industries.
Independent Rights
JDSoft SurfMill 8.0 is independently researched and developed by Beijing Jingdiao. It doesn’t involve infringement. Users can use genuine software.
Software Functions
2D Processing

JDSoft SurfMill 8.0 provides many kinds of 2.5-axis processing methods based on point, single line and closed area. These methods are easy to program, useful and have complete details. Functions include profile cutting, 3D cleanup, thread milling and same-amount cutting are widely used in many processing areas including regular parts machining, glass panel grinding and character engraving.

■ Area Machining Solution

■ Profile Cutting Function

■ Character Engraving Function

■ Hypocycloidal Machining

3-axis Surface Machining

JDSoft SurfMill 8.0 provides comprehensive machining process methods, such as roughing, re-roughing, finishing and cleanup. Different machining solutions can be chosen in each process according to surface features. The generated safe and high-quality machining paths can meet the needs of machining industries, such as high-precision mold & die and industrial products. New functions such as Path Point Redistribution and Micro-milling have greatly improved the surface quality of three-axis precision machining.

■ Surface Follow Layer Roughing

■ Surface Re-roughing

■ Surface Finishing

■ Surface Cleanup

■ Relief Model Machining

■ Hybrid Cleanup

Multi-axis Locating Machining

Multi-axis locating machining is the main way of multi-axis machining. About 70% of multi-axis parts are machined though locating machining method. JDSoft SurfMill 8.0 provides perfect locating machining method. The programming process and path output method are easy to learn, which can effectively reduce programmers’ using difficulty and improve programming efficiency. It is widely used in polyhedron electrode industry, 3C shell parts industry, industrial model industry and some other industries.

■ Multi-axis Locating Machining

On-machine measurement and intelligent modification technology Application

SurfMill8.0 provides the professional On-machine measurement and intelligent modification technology module, which can realize quick customization of inspection position, inspection parameters and inspection data processing. The software supports inspecting process simulation, collision and interference check to generate safe and efficient measurement solutions. Combined with Jingdiao CNC system and precision machining technology of Jingdiao high speed machining center, smart modification and the unification of manufacturing and inspection can be realized.

■ 2D/3D Curve Probe

■ Surface Probe

■ Hub Chamfer Probe

■ Point/Circle/Line/Surf/Cylinder Inspect

■ Inspect CSYS

■ Symmetry/Coaxiality/Perpendicularity

5-axis Machining

The software provides various multi-axis programming tactics and cutter axis control methods, which is convenient for users to choose according to the characteristics of machined parts and generate multi-axis synchronous paths rapidly. It meets the multi-axis programming needs in many areas such as 3D model multi-axis machining, multi-axis character engraving, multi-axis carving and multi-axis chamfering. The software can generate safe and reliable paths in fast calculating speed.

■ 5-axis Surface Projection Machining

■ Multi-axis Engraving and Carving

■ 5-axis Flank Milling

■ Multi-axis Drilling and Thread Milling

■ Convert 3-axis Machining Paths to 5-axis Machining Paths

■ Various Ways to Define Cutter Axis

Toolpath Edit and Management

The software has various toolpath edit functions and is convenient for users to adjust and modify the paths according to their needs. It provides professional path templates which can reduce programming difficulties and improve programming efficiency. Macro Template function can facilitate customers to call and modify the macro program, reducing unnecessary operations. The program sheet can be customized, which makes it suitable for customers in different processing industries and conductive to enterprise standardization work. NC instruction can be inserted quickly which can meet customers’ process management needs. The unique hinting and error correction functions of JDNcEdit make it easy for users to learn, edit, and adjust structure of NC codes.

■ Customized Path Template and Process Sheet

■ Path Edit

■ Macro Template

■ JDNcEdit

4-axis Rotary Machining

4-axis rotary machining method provided by JDSoft SurfMill 8.0 supports roughing, finishing, and cleanup. It’s mainly used in roughing and finishing programming for rotary parts. It solves 4-axis programming problems for 4-axis rotary parts and recessed cavity parts. It has high path generating efficiency and is widely used in industries such as cylindrical crafts and recessed cavity mold of bottle shape.

■ 4-axis Rotary Rough Machining

Path Security Inspection, Analysis and Simulation

The software provides path security inspection and analysis functions. Many problems such as workpiece overcut scrapping, machine collision caused by inappropriate path parameter and process planning can be avoided. The processing security of machine can be guaranteed through overcut inspection, tool collision inspection, cutting load analysis, wireframe simulation, machining simulation, machine simulation and some other methods.

■ Overcut Inspection

■ Tool Collision Inspection

■ Cutting Load Analysis

Surface Modeling and Model Repairing

The software provides comprehensive generating and editing functions for curves and surfaces. It can not only easily generate auxiliary lines and surfaces needed by programming and make surface repairing convenient, but also meet the needs of converting 2D drawing to 3D model for designing mold & die, gear and jewelry. It supports a variety of input format including STEP, X_T, IGES and STL and can receive data formats of different software.

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